The Mythical Creature in the Subway

One day, I entered the restaurant called Subway. I went with my two siblings, Jeff and Fred. We had been told by some friends that prior to us coming to the Subway, which was in a subway, an authentic mythical creature had been there. Word has it that the mythical creature was scavenging for food.

We entered the Subway and bought our food. Jeff and Fred were making derogatory comments about the food, but I thought the meal was a delicacy. So I devoured it. All of a sudden, the mythical creature entered. He was in looking for solitude, but upon finding us, he got angry and entered the restaurant. He had neon pink plumage all over its body. We realized that we were all vulnerable to its cuteness. The mythical creature had just come from slaughtering 100 teddy bears, who were at a 24-hour disco tea party. The mythical creature was a predator to all teddy bears.

Fred, Jeff, and I tried to escape from the creature. The one problem was that Fred and Jeff were ungainly in their attempt to escape and the mythical creature caught them and tickled them to happiness. But I was astute. I thought about it, took notes, interviewed interview innocent bystanders, made a bar graph, analyzed my results, wrote a conclusion, and submitted it to google classroom. I realized the only way to defeat the creature was to sing “A Hard Rain’s Gonna A-Fall” by Bob Dylan.

Then, the hardest rain that had ever fallen fell. It was 123456789 gazillion giant marshmallows fell (I counted it by myself). As soon as one of the giant rainbow colored marshmallows hit my head, I woke up. I was in the restaurant Subway, my face in my barbecue sandwich, confused. The whole experience was just a figment of my imagination.  Or was it???