Papa Who Wakes Up Tired in the Dark

     Why won’t grandma play with me?, I asked my grandmother. He is just tired, she answered. I snuck in the room he is always in, in the big, brown, broken down chair squinting at the tv.

    Grandpa, always in the large room, the one with memories of 18 cousins watching Charlie Brown. The Illinois couch, the one I watch him on. He doesn’t have a flat screen, he as an ancient box tv. The tv, without cable, only the networks. The tv where the only channel I watch is the basketball one. The tv always playing the pixelated basketball while he sleeps.

He is a basketball player. He is a tough father, they say. But now he is in the big, brown chair, with my grandmother to his right. She is always there to get him water, to turn the fan on, to turn the tv up, and to protect him. My grandpa, always asking for things. My grandpa, tough as nail, never crying or complaining. My grandpa is a preacher. Always at his small, local church on Sundays. The church that wouldn’t have a life without him. Always up at 6, praying to see the Lord’s will. He raised his kids to be like him, a servant of the Lord. But the chair has stopped that. My grandpa is a worker, they say. Always in the factory with my father, working the line. My grandpa, fixing his house to stop the leaks. My grandpa who always sits on the big, brown chair watching the Big Ben. Grandpa, who has the Illinois gear, the poster of 2004. My grandpa, who celebrates with me when the pixels score on the network 3 of 20.

      My grandpa, in the dark room, who raised my father to be a great father. My grandpa, trapped in the cell of his illness, always sitting in the brown Simmons chair, with the box tv on while he sleeps.  


My First Job Dairy

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(House on Mango Street)

Dear Dairy,

        That was the weirdest and the scariest experience ever. That was very strange. It was my first job, working for the Peter Pan Photo Finishers. I was finishing up my shift, when a some man came up to me. I assumed he would be much more caring to me than he actually was. He had very nice eyes, and he acted like he would be my friend. He even told me that I could sit with him during lunch, in which earlier I had just eaten fast and hid. That was my first example of being naive. When I hid, I was not trying to conquer new things, I was still very childlike in reverting to the only thing I new what to do, which was to hide.

        I  was also very naive when he asked for a birthday kiss. I had no idea what he could do that would be different. Looking back, I was in a blur which was caused by my naiveness. I did not remember what Mr. Benny had said, about how looking like a woman both brings a new look, but also the threats to me. So I just went to kiss him, and I got what I should have been expecting. As soon as he pulled my head, I knew  had made a mistake. He refused to let go, he was doing something to me that I should have been aware of. I was traumatized by what this happened. I felt defenseless. He was trapping me in my innocence and I didn’t no what to do, because of how old he was and how I had never had one of these encounters. Young woman get molested and sexually abused the most, because of there innocence and them not understanding threats. I was scared, because something like this had never happened before. I was growing up, so I had been looked at, and commented on, but never anything near threatening. He did not even ask if he could. I am getting older, but there is still some things that I need to be aware of. When I look older, and when I act older, and do things that older people do, I am faced with the threats of abuse, especially sexually. So I always need to be careful not to grow naive to situation like this and be more aware of myself and what is happening around me.

          I was not aware, and I should’ve been, because I had learned about this same thing earlier on Mango Street, when we got the new shoes. We were looked on, and the same exact experience happened to Rachel, except we were there to protect her. But that does not always happen in life. We need to learn to defend ourselves, because there is not always someone to watch your back. I was naive in that moment, and know I have learned from my mistake. I dressed up like a woman, I acted like a woman, and I got the consequences of when a woman is naive. I was not ready for it, but now I will be, because it has happened before. 

Yours Truly,


Where I Am From

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Based on George Ella Lyon’s “Where I’m From”

I Am From Poem


I am from basketballs.

From Nike and missed shots, a constant struggle to win.

I am from the hill outside the house,

(Massive , vertical , it looked like a mountain in a valley.)

I am from the forests in my backyard,

The enormous deciduous trees behind my house that sent evil shadows into my bedroom window.


I’m from the Christmas eve at Taco Bell and the athlete sense of my family

From Amstutz and Grierson

I’m from socializing and the alone time in my room.

From “Nerds were for dads” and “You can’t eat jerky till your 10”. I’m from Sundays spent at church, and the Friday morning disciples with my siblings

I’m from Illinois cornfields and Lisa and Tony’s leg.  

I am from the vegan for a year, and empanadas on Sundays after church.


From the 21k struggle with my father

From dad working in the smelly factory in the early mornings.

The pictures, hiding in the scrapbooks under the shelf.

The history of us, all in a book, the memories of the good, the bad, and the ugly.

News Article

Thrilling Chase Ends in New Inmate

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An image taken of the cadillac before the chase took place. The Yellow Cadillac had nice right rugs and leather seat. It was eventually crashed into a lamp post.

Today, a young Puerto Rican male who lives on Mango Street stole a nice yellow Cadillac. He had driven to Mango Street where his friends and cousins were outside playing volleyball. He spent lots of the afternoon driving his sisters, cousins, and friends around the Mango Street neighborhood, a full seven laps. The juvenile heard the sirens from a distance, and then stopped the car. He got the passengers out of the car, and took of in a yellow blur, with a red and blue blur of the police sirens racing after him. The young man tried to make a hard left turn, but his car was too wide for the alley, so he crashed into a light post. The young delinquent received only minor wounds, a bruised forehead and a bloody lip. He was put into handcuffs and put in the cop car. The children waved to their brother as he was driven away in the cop car.

Questioning My Own Bias

A man had brought a Yellow Cadillac to Mango Street. The man was a Puerto Rican male. He had brought a nice yellow Cadillac to the alley on Mango Street. The car was a nice Cadillac, with white walls and white rugs. An eyewitness saw him take his cousins for a few laps. The police had tracked him to Mango Street. When the police found the car, the man had minor wounds, a bloody nose and a bruised forehead. He was dragged of in handcuffs by the police. According to eyewitnesses, the male had dropped his cousins off after taking the car around for a few laps, and then took off. He tried to make a hard left turn, but ended up crashing into the lamppost where he was found.

Who Do You Think You Are?





Dear Cathy,

I am writing this letter discussing the conversation we had a few days ago. Personally, it made very upset. You acted like you were above everyone in this neighborhood, including me. An example of this is when you were constantly stating that you were related to the queen of France. You mentioned it at the beginning of the conversation, when you stated that, “I am the great great grand-cousin of the queen of France. ” Another example of this was when you said that, “Your father will have to will have to fly to France one day and find their great great distant grand cousin on her father’s side and inherit the family house. ” This made me feel inferior to you, like you were so above me. It was very rude to do something like that, especially if you claim to be their friend.

You also acted like everyone in the neighborhood was extremely rude to others. You called Joe a “A baby-grabber” You described the two girls as “raggedy as rats.” I have me these two girls, Rachel and Lucy. These are my very good friends, they are friends unconditionally, unlike you. This made me feel extremely upset, because you are judging them based on what you can just see, not what you know about them. This tells me you judge everyone the same way, judging the book by the cover.  You explained that Alicia has been stuck-up ever since college. This made me feel like that you judged everyone in this neighborhood with the same rude, derogatory comments. The way you described Alicia, stuck-up, is quite similar to how you acted when you describe everyone else. You acted above everyone else, being superior to them, even if that is not the case. You described Benny and Blanca as ok, but no don’t lean on the candy counter. What you are basically saying is a metaphor about how they can get extremely upset at times. This comment is very derogatory, and me feel like how you felt that everyone was rude to you.

You need to think more about what you are saying before you say it. An example of this is when you told me that, “You want a friend….Okay, I’ll be your friend. But only till next Tuesday. That’s when we move away.” That is not real friendship, because friendship is showing loyalty and trying to connect even if you are far away. As well, friendship is not a show of sympathy. I don’t want a friend who is only my friend because she believes that “I need a friend.” Just to review, make sure you are aware of what you are saying.

Best Regards,


Magazin Cover – Panamanian Observer

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 11.37.24 AM.png

Process to Designing this Magazine Cover:

This was what I inserted for the magazine cover for our class’s article. It would be for every single one of our articles, and it was a competition to see who’s was the cover. I did not do very good. Some parts of my work were off balanced, and they joined into each other. I had multiple parts that I did well, and other parts that were very bad.

My main cover lines were what I thought was my best part of my magazine article. My best one was the one about the Afro-Antillean people, which was: Silver? Really? Afro-Antillean struggles. Another good one was: Jews hidden in a crowd. I thought these were good parts of my article because of how you could understand what group was each cover line even if you took out the people groups. The only thing that I could have improved regarding to the cover lines is the space and distance between each,

I did not include flashes. I should have included flashes, but I did not know where to. I also did not know how to include. But I good have done a better job making a good flash that would have been able to make the reader more interested. I should have taken more time to focus on the false and making it look nice. I had added a flash in another version, but I did not like it because I did not sound right.

My typography was very bad. I took no time to focus on it. I should have focused on making it all in line. It had no details that would draw the reader in, and that would look nice. I would make it look like it was very nice, and so that it was large enough. I would also make everything look balanced, and so that it was all in line and so that one of the main cover lines would not overlap the other ones, in between the main cover line about the Americans and the Zonians. Another thing that I would have fix regarding typography would be the image. The image was not a very good image, it was a little blurry, and I should have taken the time to find a better images.

Collective Identity Article

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 11.13.37 AM.png


We Have Brains Too

Questions We Considered While Doing Our Research:

Research Questions

When did the group arrive, and why?

Why did they come?

Where are they located geographically on the isthmus, and why?

How were they treated, and by whom?

Why were they treated this way?

What were their living conditions?

What conflicts ensued?

How did they contribute to society?

How did they become part of the Panamanian society?

How are they viewed today?

Things to research and consider for your article:

1.How does geography aid in the development of Panama?

2.What is the importance of immigrants and migration in Panama in 19th century?

3.How has religion influenced Panamanian values?

4.To what extent was Panama a land of: opportunity, liberty, ordeal, and/or oppression]? (Choose one)

5.Discrimination and Rights of citizens