Where I Am From

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Based on George Ella Lyon’s “Where I’m From”

I Am From Poem


I am from basketballs.

From Nike and missed shots, a constant struggle to win.

I am from the hill outside the house,

(Massive , vertical , it looked like a mountain in a valley.)

I am from the forests in my backyard,

The enormous deciduous trees behind my house that sent evil shadows into my bedroom window.


I’m from the Christmas eve at Taco Bell and the athlete sense of my family

From Amstutz and Grierson

I’m from socializing and the alone time in my room.

From “Nerds were for dads” and “You can’t eat jerky till your 10”. I’m from Sundays spent at church, and the Friday morning disciples with my siblings

I’m from Illinois cornfields and Lisa and Tony’s leg.  

I am from the vegan for a year, and empanadas on Sundays after church.


From the 21k struggle with my father

From dad working in the smelly factory in the early mornings.

The pictures, hiding in the scrapbooks under the shelf.

The history of us, all in a book, the memories of the good, the bad, and the ugly.


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