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Thrilling Chase Ends in New Inmate

Image result for yellow cadillac

An image taken of the cadillac before the chase took place. The Yellow Cadillac had nice right rugs and leather seat. It was eventually crashed into a lamp post.

Today, a young Puerto Rican male who lives on Mango Street stole a nice yellow Cadillac. He had driven to Mango Street where his friends and cousins were outside playing volleyball. He spent lots of the afternoon driving his sisters, cousins, and friends around the Mango Street neighborhood, a full seven laps. The juvenile heard the sirens from a distance, and then stopped the car. He got the passengers out of the car, and took of in a yellow blur, with a red and blue blur of the police sirens racing after him. The young man tried to make a hard left turn, but his car was too wide for the alley, so he crashed into a light post. The young delinquent received only minor wounds, a bruised forehead and a bloody lip. He was put into handcuffs and put in the cop car. The children waved to their brother as he was driven away in the cop car.

Questioning My Own Bias

A man had brought a Yellow Cadillac to Mango Street. The man was a Puerto Rican male. He had brought a nice yellow Cadillac to the alley on Mango Street. The car was a nice Cadillac, with white walls and white rugs. An eyewitness saw him take his cousins for a few laps. The police had tracked him to Mango Street. When the police found the car, the man had minor wounds, a bloody nose and a bruised forehead. He was dragged of in handcuffs by the police. According to eyewitnesses, the male had dropped his cousins off after taking the car around for a few laps, and then took off. He tried to make a hard left turn, but ended up crashing into the lamppost where he was found.


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