Who Do You Think You Are?





Dear Cathy,

I am writing this letter discussing the conversation we had a few days ago. Personally, it made very upset. You acted like you were above everyone in this neighborhood, including me. An example of this is when you were constantly stating that you were related to the queen of France. You mentioned it at the beginning of the conversation, when you stated that, “I am the great great grand-cousin of the queen of France. ” Another example of this was when you said that, “Your father will have to will have to fly to France one day and find their great great distant grand cousin on her father’s side and inherit the family house. ” This made me feel inferior to you, like you were so above me. It was very rude to do something like that, especially if you claim to be their friend.

You also acted like everyone in the neighborhood was extremely rude to others. You called Joe a “A baby-grabber” You described the two girls as “raggedy as rats.” I have me these two girls, Rachel and Lucy. These are my very good friends, they are friends unconditionally, unlike you. This made me feel extremely upset, because you are judging them based on what you can just see, not what you know about them. This tells me you judge everyone the same way, judging the book by the cover.  You explained that Alicia has been stuck-up ever since college. This made me feel like that you judged everyone in this neighborhood with the same rude, derogatory comments. The way you described Alicia, stuck-up, is quite similar to how you acted when you describe everyone else. You acted above everyone else, being superior to them, even if that is not the case. You described Benny and Blanca as ok, but no don’t lean on the candy counter. What you are basically saying is a metaphor about how they can get extremely upset at times. This comment is very derogatory, and me feel like how you felt that everyone was rude to you.

You need to think more about what you are saying before you say it. An example of this is when you told me that, “You want a friend….Okay, I’ll be your friend. But only till next Tuesday. That’s when we move away.” That is not real friendship, because friendship is showing loyalty and trying to connect even if you are far away. As well, friendship is not a show of sympathy. I don’t want a friend who is only my friend because she believes that “I need a friend.” Just to review, make sure you are aware of what you are saying.

Best Regards,



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